Welcome to the SkyFi Wiki

This wiki is every bit of information on the modification for Skyrim, SkyFi. Anything you cannot find info on means there probably hasn't been a page added for it yet, this wiki will be open to being added to when the mod is done so people can note glitches, easter eggs and such which I have not added info on myself.

Although this wiki is about SkyFi in its entirety there will only be wiki info on the sections that are being worked on, as in there will only be a Stargate section to begin with and when I begin work on actually putting in the Doctor Who part of the mod then that section will be added. The current layout of the modules will be:

Stargate -> Doctor Who -> Star Wars -> Others

This may change in future but currently that is the order which is pretty much confirmed. Past Star Wars I have not decided which to go onto first, most likely I will just begin making the ones whihc will only have minor mods for them, such as Firefly will only have Serenity and its crew which can all be followers and a couple of them will be able to be married, the ship itself will be a player home and travel to one planet which will be a third moon which happens to always be behind Secunda.

If there are any Sci Fi things you would like added then please go ahead and suggest them, my e-mail for this is, I am also open to people willing to help out with the mod in some ways, mainly models, textures and actually importing the models/textures into Skyrim for use. I am also looking for people who are able to create worlds, anything from a small canyon with a village to a world bigger than skyrim itself filled with cities and such. I will be releasing a WorldDevKit for each race when they are done so people can make their own worlds based on the custom content added in the mod, more information will be released on this over time.


The following list is the current catagories in the wiki, these will go to another page with more specific pages for whatever you wish to view.

More will be added as more pages are added but for now these are all that there is.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Through some of the new planets you will travel to in the modules you will discover that there are some very unique systems in place, the following is a list of these new systems and how they function.

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